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October 31, 2005

Got An Opinion - Answers the neat questions now...

What Would You Do?

  1. You are sent to live on a deserted island in the middle of some big ocean... luckily enough - you have food to last forever, a shelter, clean drinking water, and clothes... You also have candles & enough matches to last a lifetime... You are allowed to bring with you ONLY 1 ITEM? What Do You Pick?
  2. Why did the chicken cross the road? Everybody I am sure has an answer for that one... pick your fave and post it.
  3. You were shopping at your favorite store, which just so happened to be next to a bank. While you were in the store, someone robs the bank and runs away. You get to your car, and notice a bag of money on the seat - obvisiously the bank-robber got cold-feet and dumped the money - just so happens to be your car, cause you left the window open... What do You do With The Money?
  4. You are dying for your favorite coffee? What Flavor is it, and how do you like it?
  5. What's your favorite holiday? Why?
  6. What's your favorite color? and is it the same color it was when you were younger?
  7. What is the kookiest, tackiest outfit you have ever worn, what was it, and where did you go?
  8. Country Music or Rap?
  9. Pop or death metal?
  10. What is your favorite singer or band?
  11. How bout favorite movie of all time?
  12. When did you first kiss? Yes I know that was along time ago... but surely you remember your first kiss?
  13. When did you lose your virginity? and was the guy/girl older or younger than you?
  14. What was your favorite activity as a child? What toy did you play with most? TV Show? Cartoon? Food?
  15. Were these questions too goofy for you? and why?
  16. Tightie Whities or Boxers?
  17. Is the glass half-empty, or half-full?
  18. Do you write in print or cursive?
  19. Do you use the F word in normal conversation?
  20. What is your favorite time of day? and why?


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