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November 27, 2005


I have asked, and been asked - how we can control people spamming our blogs... Well I agree that the word verification does help, but is there a way we can avoid that - and just not allow anonymous comments... Meaning that everyone has to have an email addy to post.

i nipped one particular spamming once and for all... I looked up their blog, followed the link from the blog to a website selling their wares... and under contact us, wrote them a letter with all the crap they left behind on my blog. And I told them it must stop or I will FLAG your blog...and that is not a good thing... you lose precious information and costs me the bloggie... alot of time to get the blog free of that TITLE.

I wish that if you like my blog comment on it, that is what that COMMENT section is on, and if you want link back to me (use the link to me do just that)... then when people visit my blog, and see that particular entry - they will feel inclined to visit the sight it is connected to.

I am not an engineer... I am not a graphics designer... when I did work I was a data entry operator, who one day got alittle lucky an a landed herself a temporary job creating webpages for company that was going ISO 90000 and needed to get all the speciifications of their products listed on their intranet by a certain date... that gave me the knowledge of HTML I would have never gotten any other way... but today the software is so advanced... I can only created the smallest of pages using banners and pictures... and it takes me awhile to get the copy riight... and I do this because...


I do it because I believe in freedom of speech, and maybe somebody reading my blog has something important to say, but was afraid to publish it outright... So here I have created a place where people, people with opinions and even perhaps some anger at what is happening in the world around us - can comment on what they read or see, and leave their opinion for the rest of the world to see.

Please treat MY blogs with care... and any others you may come across... if you don't have a blog, or if you are just starting out and want us to help you, leave your email addy... I would never let someone who asked me for help to go unnoticed.

Understand this is nothing else... my blog is me. I created it in such a way that it would be attractive to the eye, yet still hold my principles - and by doing this I have allowed YOU, EVERYBODY a look into my mind, my thoughts... and would expect at the same from those who read my blogs.


At November 30, 2005 6:57 AM, Blogger rn_buffoon said...

Hi from Australia Just Lyn
I was looking around Womenbloggers and came across your site; I hate spam too. Just thought I'd tell you that.

Other than that I thought your site was cool; I liked the cute animal pics.

I have a blog too; all I get is spam comment as well. If you feel like visiting me sometime and leaving a rare actual comment for me then feel free to do so. Hope my blog's not too pessimistic or full of rude words for you. It's at

Feel free to run a background check on me if you must; but I am just a regular blogger also!



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